About Us

Bringing More Happiness
to Healthcare


Since 1999 we’ve been helping healthcare organizations of all sizes—from solo practices to “mega-groups” and major university medical centers—automate and scale technological solutions that help acquire new patients, engage existing ones, coordinate across the patient journey, perform remote monitoring, and gain deep analytical insights.


We believe that your schedule should be consistently filled with desired patients; that redundant tasks that take up staff time should be automated; that the patient experience does matter, each and every time; that you are unique and your services should be too.


4PatientCare empowers organizations to stay one step ahead, and dive confidently into the future of healthcare. Our mission is to push the boundaries of innovative technology engagement, focusing on improving the patient and practice experience each and every day.

What We Do

Our services are designed to help you maximize your reach and effect, broken into five categories:

What You’ll Get

Advanced Customization

The age of “cookie cutter” engagement is over. Our commitment to customization allows organizations to design services to reflect unique preferences, business rules, and personality.

Dedicated Customer Success Team

Our staff is based in the USA, and every customer has a dedicated ‘Success Hero’ assigned to them to ensure top notch customer service from day one, along with direct access to the rest of our support staff through online chat, phone and email.

HIPAA & HITECH Compliant

Trusted by thousands of providers, our services are time tested and built with the highest level of security.

4PatientCare’s mission is to create solutions that enable more happiness, efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare. Learn more about us.